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“I joined Kathleen Blair’s grief group after my husband and youngest son both died. My husband had cancer and his death was expected. However, my son Aaron (age 34) died in the middle of the night from a brain aneurysm. It was a shock that he was gone so suddenly with no warning. I was a mother and a wife and then in five months time, I was neither. It was an unbearable heartache.

I was soon to find out that anyone who hasn’t suffered such a loss, cannot relate with meaningful empathy. “I’m sorry for your loss” seems to be the standard reply. I was leaning on the Lord for comfort, but I needed the human touch and understanding.

Hearing of  Kathleen’s grief group, I attended her sessions. It was wonderful to be able to talk to others who had suffered a loved one’s death. We could speak of our feelings and receive heartfelt empathy and compassion. In talking with others who were grieving, a special bond grew between the members of the group and with Kathleen; always with her.  She had us write a letter to express any guilt we might be feeling; things we wish we had done and didn’t do. My regret is that Aaron and I had a big fight the day before he died and we never spoke after that. After writing the letter, we burned it to let go of the guilt. She gave us nice candles to take home in remembrance of the one we lost.

I enjoyed sharing with everyone and I didn’t want it to end. Kathleen is always available if you want to communicate with her later. Please, if you are suffering with a loss, contact Kathleen and join her group. She is a wonderful person and you will have an outlet to freely share what is in your heart. You are not alone.”

-T. G.

“My husband and I met Kathleen after the loss of our daughter. She was leading a twelve-week Grief workshop in Scottsdale, AZ.  She was extremely helpful, sensitive to our needs.  Because of her personal experience with loss and grief, Kathleen is equipped to work with people who are bereaved and knows exactly how to meet the needs of the bereaved. She has the ability to identify with and understand the wants, needs, and viewpoints of those around her.  In addition, her strong social skills enable her to assist a diverse culture. Rather than focusing on her own success, she helps others to develop and shine. She can manage disputes, is an excellent communicator, and is a master at building and maintaining relationships.  For all of these reasons, I believe Kathleen is your best choice as a Grief Coach.”

-P. S.