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Journey Through Grief Course

Take a look at this interview where I talk more about the stages of grief, what grief can look like and the 12 week course that I offer.

Journey Through Grief Course

Six Live Modules and Six Live Q&A Questions

Defining Grief & Where You Are

Grieving Emotions & How to Deal With Them

Other’s Comments, Holidays - How To Handle Them

The Void – Dreams Lost

Processing The Loss & How to Move On

What The Future Holds

PLUS! You'll Also Receive:

• 30 Minute One-on-One Consultation $125
• Downloadable Course Workbook $52
• “The 10 Most Hurtful Phrases Friends and Family Mistakenly Say at the Worst Possible Time and Suggested Responses” $350
• Membership in My Private FB Group “The New Norm” $250

Total Package Value: $2774

Fast Action Bonus: Receive my Easter/Passover Holiday Surviving the Holiday Video

OR: Get the Founding Member Price for only $297! Limited to the first 10 orders.

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More About Kathleen

Kathleen Blair has never been afraid of the word “no.” Despite being the only woman on the Xerox Corporation sales team, she succeeded in sales, as “no” didn’t intimidate her. She grew up hearing “no” a lot. You see, Kathleen’s strict father was from Italy who repeatedly told her “no.” She would just rephrase what she wanted and present it again. It worked with her dad, and it worked on her customers too. During her diverse sales career, she sold copiers, computers, recruiting services and home design. No matter what she was selling, Kathleen excelled. Then, her world took an unexpected nose-dive when she lost her husband, her company and more. Instead of giving up, she did the opposite. By using her God given talents and strong faith, she created a new life for herself where she inspires others who are struggling with loss of any kind, including job loss and the loss of loved ones. In 2012, Kathleen became certified as a Grief and Loss Coach. She conducts courses and holds workshops and retreats, and she has been able to help others redirect their focus from hopeless to hopeful.