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"Grief does not have a timetable or a measuring stick; one grieves to the depth of their loss."

—Kathleen Blair

Our Mission

To walk beside people who have suffered a loss and help them navigate though the waves of grief and create a new chapter in their life.

About Kathleen

Life Coach specializing in Life’s Transitions
Transitions in Life
Kathleen Blair is a Life Coach who specializes in Grief & Loss Coaching. She recently contributed a chapter in the Amazon best-selling book, The Lemonade Stand 2, where she shared her personal journey through loss.  She had cared for her invalid husband before he passed and for her mother.   In total, she lost five loved one in eight years and learned how to navigate through the emotions of grief and carve a new life for herself.
Over the last 14 years, Kathleen has helped others through job loss, divorce and death of loved ones.  She also helps those who are transitioning into new housing – whether downsizing or moving into senior living establishments.  Many do not recognize these seniors are leaving behind memories, neighbors, friends, and household items that hold treasured memories. They are also dealing with the emotions that this may be their last move.  Kathleen patiently assists people through their emotions so they don’t withdraw.


Job Loss

Kathleen works with people who have lost their jobs and help them re-invent themselves through her Fresh Start Career Program which shows them how to take their strengths and direct them to new opportunities. Included in the Fresh Start Career Program are resume writing, cover letters, career assessment and coaching on current interview skills.

Loss of a Loved One

Death is so final and the realization that you’ll never see your loved one again is overwhelming.  It is difficult to go forward without that loved one but you must. Kathleen understands the pain and will gently guide you as you slowly start building a new norm in your life. Through her private and group sessions, you’ll learn that you are not alone and the emotions you are feeling are normal.  In time, you will find yourself adjusting to the new norm and begin to create the next chapter of your life.

Loss From a Divorce

A loss of a marriage can be devastating, if you aren’t the party that wants it.  It can leave you feeling crushed not knowing how this happened. Through divorce recovery, Kathleen shows you how to start finding yourself again, forgiving yourself and carving out a new and exciting future.

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